Flat gaskets for plumbing (1/2 inch (18.5 x 11 x 2 mm))

13,69  IVA inc.

Material Rubber, Synthetic rubber
Size 1/2 inch (18.5 x 11 x 2mm)
Package 100 units
Color: Green
Product Dimensions: length x width x height 12 x 7 x 1 centimeters


VERSATILE: Flat gaskets made of high quality materials from compressed fibers, agglomerated and joined together with NBR synthetic rubber. They are characterized by good mechanical sealing properties with excellent profitability, MAXIMUM temperature of 180º, resistant to corrosive agents, alkalis, saturated steam, thermal oil, freons, gasoline, etc.

APPLICATIONS: The function of the VARGORT flat gaskets is a Sealing Gasket, being used in topics such as heating radiator accessories, plumbing flat gaskets, heating radiator cap gasket, flat gasket in heating pumps, universal faucet pump, thermo-hydraulic applications with low load of bolts and accessories for heating radiators essential for any home and at a very affordable price.

SECURITY: VARGORT flat gaskets guarantee a high degree of cold flexibility, as well as chemical resistance to vegetable and animal oils, diluted silicone alkalis, acids at room temperature, gasoline, butane gas, water, solvents.

OPTION TO CREATE SOMETHING INDIVIDUAL: Flat sealing gaskets facilitate the construction of connections the solution of unexpected problems at home or in the production center such as gas leaks or oil leaks, water leaks, sealing faucet, pumping seal, water supply, designed to bring your friends, family and employees safety

VARGORT PROMISE: Plumbing flat gaskets are manufactured in EUROPE, assortment of 100 pieces of flat sealing gaskets and rubber washers, Suitable for all seals in the sanitary area Optimal equipment for the home, indispensable tool for home and workplace.


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