Transparent food hose 15mmx10mm

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Technical data: Flexible food silicone tube Ø int. 10mm x OD OD 15mm, hardness 60 sh A, high temperature tube -60º to 220º, wall thickness 2mm, length 5 meters, certified food silicone tube, our silicone made in Spain has the best chemical components to obtain the best results, resistant to ozone and ultraviolet rays.

Common uses: The silicone rubber tube has its typical function of transfer, change or movement of liquids or air for food, health, medical and pharmaceutical applications, and for more common uses in the home as a drain tube, air conditioning, air pump or pump. of water, flexible transparent tube for aquarium repair.

Value added: Our food grade silicone tube has excellent flexibility, resistance to torsional deformation, with high tear strength, non-toxic. they are specially manufactured so that the surface is not sticky, does not have annoying odors and we carry out a post-curing treatment to prevent the transparent silicone hose from releasing residues that bother the user and their most common applications.

VARGORT commitment: We are committed to providing technical support and guidance on the functions and any help that the user needs at any time, this product is non-toxic, we promise to return the money if the transparent hose, silicone tube does not fulfill its desired function 1 package 5 meters

Security regulations:  Our silicone tube manufactured in Europe, silicone hose suitable for contact with FDA food, resistant to high and low temperatures, transparent hose to be able to see the inside of moving liquids.

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2M, 5M, 10M


10x15mm, 12x16mm, 15x20mm, 16x21mm, 6x8mm, 7x11mm, 8x12mm, 9x13mm


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