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The values ​​of the


Juntas VARGORT is a family business, dedicated to using intelligent faith; in order to meet all your goals and then achieve all the objectives that have been proposed. Its business values ​​are key to meeting its objectives:

Respect the employees

At VARGORT we always try to make our employees feel comfortable and motivated; offering them all possible facilities for the performance of their work and for personal and work growth.

Civil liability

Together VARGORT has a social responsibility towards the community, and in some way we contribute to improving living conditions and promote initiatives that contribute positively to the life of society.

Transparency and honesty

At Juntas VARGORT we have the obligation to be honest with our customers, suppliers and competitors, as well as to show transparency that must be reflected in the presentation of periodic and accessible economic accounts. Transparency and honesty are essential for us, and thus achieve a good reputation.

Maximum quality as a goal

At Juntas VARGORT we always look for good quality products, and always improving the service at the best price. For this, it is essential to improve the production processes and the company's operations, in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Capacity for analysis and self-criticism

At Juntas VARGORT we carry out periodic analyzes that allow us to discover our strengths and weaknesses, to know what mistakes were made in the past and that they should not happen again. We fight every day not to fall into the mistake of believing that we are right in everything and that our strategy is the right one. To do this, self-criticism is capable of detecting errors in time that, in the long run, can be very damaging within our organization.

Learning and adaptability

At Juntas VARGORT we have the capacity and awareness of a company that must always be constantly learning. We apply this to all those people who are part of our company. This constant learning is essential to be able to adapt to the changes that may occur in the future.


At VARGORT we know how to instill in all our employees the value of hard work and perseverance. Likewise, our employees see that our perseverance is reflected in the results, which result in benefits both personal and for the company. This helps reinforce their feeling of identification with the company.

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