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Compressed cardboard

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Compressed cardboard

They are high quality materials, made from compressed fibers, agglomerated and joined together with synthetic rubber, usually acrylonitrile butadiene and NBR.

The raw material, which is normally a slurry of material, is calendered until the desired thickness is achieved.

The quality of the materials of the Compressed Cardboard sheets produced in the calendering process is influenced by the following main parameters:

  • Pressure
  • Rolls temperature
  • Roller speed


The properties of each variant are attached to:

  • The quality and quantity of fibers
  • The degree of openness of the individual fibers and quantity
  • The type of fillers and rubber used


Its range of applications is generally linked to the insulation between flanges to prevent fluid leaks, such as water, steam, gases, oils, fuel, acids and alkalis, freons, alcohols and solvents, etc.

Compressed cardboard characteristics

  • It has a compressibility of 30% and a recovery of 40%
  • Its use temperature range is -40 /+120ºC
  • It has no corrosive effect.
  • It has very low swelling in oils and fuel.
  • Its resistance to pressure is 10 bar.

We have:

Asbestos-free, graphitized and universal compressed cardboard gaskets

Compressed cardboard joints with metal mesh

Compressed cardboard gaskets for radiator

Compressed cardboard gaskets for fitting

There is a wide range of grades for all kinds of working conditions:

  • Low and high loads 40 to 500 bar
  • Temperatures 180-650ºC dry and 120-300ºC steam
  • Special qualities against corrosive agents, alkalis, saturated steam, thermal oil, freons, gasoline, etc.


In general, both compressed fibers and compressed cardboard are highly resistant and durable materials that are commonly used in the industry for gaskets. Their ability to withstand high pressures and extreme temperatures makes them ideal for use in harsh industrial environments, and their ease of cutting and forming makes them a popular choice for custom applications. If you need a high-quality, durable gasket, consider using compressed fibers or compressed cardboard as your material of choice.

We work with the main manufacturers: Belpa®, Tesnit®, Klinger®, Victor Reinz®, Frenzelit®, Garlock®, Goodlerit®

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