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SBR rubber washers

SBR Rubber Washer Manufacturers

We are manufacturers and suppliers of custom SBR rubber washers

The SBR washers are made from sheets and always consist of outer diameter (A), inner diameter (B) and thickness (C).

When manufacturing SBR washers with specific or unusual measurements is when we are the best option, since at VARGORT we manufacture custom and standard SBR washers in any quality, measurement, thickness or color.

If you need a special SBR washer, or with a particular design adapted to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Specifications of our SBR rubber washers

  • Standard colors

    Black, red and white

  • Hardness

    50º/60º/65º/70º and 80ºshA (more common in 65º and 70ºshA)

  • Thickness

    Minimum 1mm

Applications and uses of SBR rubber washers

SBR washers are used for a myriad of applications:

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