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EPDM rubber

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EPDM rubber

It belongs to the family of synthetic rubbers; It is a thermopolymer that has good resistance to abrasion and wear, resistance to atmospheric agents, acids and alkalis, and to chemical products in general, being susceptible to oils and petroleum.

It has properties such as electrical insulation. The working temperature ranges between -40 and 140 °C.

It is obtained as a third monomer, and is especially useful for sealing phosphated ether hydraulic fluids, and in braking systems that use glycol-based fluids.

It is also used in sealing joints in automobiles, and as a waterproofing sheet for roofs in buildings.

Excellent resistance to aging, even outdoors or at high temperatures, ozone and oxidation.

Very good resistance to hot water and steam.

Very good resistance to alkalis and acids, including oxidants, and in general to all non-hydrocarbon chemical compounds.

They are not suitable in contact with gasoline, grease, oil and hydrocarbon solvents.

They are good electrical insulators.

EPDM rubber ranges

Different hardnesses; 70ºshA, 60ºshA, 50ºshA, 40ºshA

Quality suitable for drinking water, according to WRAS.

Food grade, according to FDA and CE1935/2004.

Fireproof quality, according to UL94 and EN45545.

EPDM applications span many industrial sectors, for example:

Sealing gaskets for flanges, solar panels, cabinets, electronic equipment

Outdoor applications, since they are resistant to temperature changes

Structural supports in buildings

Compensation sleeves for pipes and ducts

Coatings for those environments that are in contact with chemical products

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