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Sponge silicone

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Sponge silicone

Silicone rubber can be expanded into a silicone sponge through the use of blowing agents.

Silicone sponge is an excellent sealing medium due to its stable chemical structure and good recovery.

It can be extruded into profiles and produced in the form of sheets. Profiles can be joined or mitered to form continuous seals and sheets can be cut into seams.

General Properties

  • Minimum water absorption (IP65-66 achievable)
  • Corona and ultraviolet light resistance is good
  • Arc and ozone resistance is good
  • Rust is virtually non-existent
  • Excellent for damping and vibration components
  • Generally resistant to mild chemicals or oxidants
  • Excellent resistance to insolation
  • COMPLIANT WITH FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 section e – f

Sponge food silicone

Despite the fact that silicone is inert by nature, we have spongy silicone approved and certified in the laboratory as suitable for being in contact with food.

THT sponge silicone

Silicones normally resist up to 200ºC continuously, but in this spongy silicone formulation we obtain a spongy silicone thermally prepared to resist a wide range of temperatures that ranges from -80ºC to 300ºC.

Antimicrobial sponge silicone

This type of spongy silicone is specially formulated so that it is not contaminated by microbes or fungi, and is ideal for applications in environments that may be prone to microbial or fungal contamination, or in spaces where total sterilization of its components is required.

Fire retardant sponge silicone

This range of sponge silicones is designed with a flame retardant quality to prevent the ignition of the material its components, and is certified in the laboratory as complying with the UL94 test and/or the EN45545 railway standard.

All our spongy silicone ranges can be adhesived on one or both sides if they are sheets or flat joints, or if they are profiles in the desired part.

We work with the best Spongy Silicone brands, which is why we have ROGERS BISCO® products and their different references: Discover here our fireproof spongy silicone foams

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