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Natural Rubber Sheets

Manufacturers of plates or sheets of natural rubber, latex and Linatex

Suppliers of sheets or sheets of rubber or Natural Rubber resistant to abrasion.

We have Linatex® 40º Shore A sheets and sheets in Red, and we also manufacture Natural Rubber/Latex sheets and sheets from 1mm to 25mm thick, in hardnesses ranging from 37 to 45 Shore A in Beige, Caramel, Grey, Red and Black.

In stock we normally have sheets or plates of Natural Rubber/Latex calendered in 35º and 45ºshA, thicknesses from 1mm to 12mm with a width of 1400mm. In Caramel, Beige, Grey, Red and Black colors. And Linatex® in 40ºshA, thicknesses 1.5mm to 30mm, 1.23mt x 9.25mt format.

Applications of plates or sheets of NR, Latex and Linatex

The main applications of the Natural Rubber, Latex and Linatex® sheet or sheet are, on the one hand, through the different cutting processes; manufacture of parts Mining industries, quarries, aggregate processes, blasting booths, hopper protection, tile industries, shooting galleries, food industry, scrapers and snow removal bands, rubber lips for cleaning machines.

In addition to mining and aggregate applications, Linatex® rubber is used in a variety of other industries, including animal recovery, floor care, belting, and target backing.

Leaders in the manufacture of Natural Rubber sheets

At VARGORT, we offer the widest selection of natural rubber, latex and linatex sheets and plates. Our products are designed to offer superior abrasion resistance as well as chemical resistance. In addition, our products are designed with the highest quality standards, which allows us to offer greater durability and optimal performance.

Our plates can be supplied with one or both sides adhesive according to the requirements of each client.

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