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Compressed cardboard washers

arandelas de carton comprimido juntas vargort

Manufacturers of compressed cardboard washers

Compressed cardboard washers for pipes, motors, chemicals, heat exchangers and refrigeration equipment

We manufacture compressed cardboard washers, which can be from any of the main brands in the sector; Belpa®, Tesnit®, Klinger®, Victor Reinz®, Frenzelit®, Garlock®, Goodlerit®

Normally a washer consists of Internal Diameter, External Diameter and Thickness, having this information and the quantity we can produce washers both in the most basic qualities, as well as with high-performance compressed cardboard for highly demanding applications.

Compressed cardboard washers are also used to separate pieces and prevent them from rubbing against each other. For example, in the automotive industry, cardboard washers are placed between body panels to prevent scratching or damage. 

Advantages of compressed cardboard washers

Among the advantages offered by compressed cardboard washers, the following stand out:

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