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SBR rubber

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SBR rubber

It belongs to the family of synthetic rubbers, obtained by polymerizing a mixture of monomers: styrene and butadiene.

Its main application is in the manufacture of tires and pavements.

Temperature range: between -10ºC and 70ºC.

Lower degree of resilience compared to natural rubber.

Excellent mechanical properties.

Good resistance to aging and temperature.

Good chemical resistance to many inorganic chemicals, but poor to oxidizing acids.

Limited resistance to mineral acids.

Hardnesses from 50ºshA to 80ºshA, being the most common at 65ºshA and 70ºshA.

Colors: Black, Red and White.

SBR rubber applications

Sealing joints for low loads

Supports in structures

Protections, bumpers, side bands, etc.

Mining industry

Scrapers and snow plows

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