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Silicone cords

Manufacturers of silicone cords and rodons

Extrusion of custom silicone cords

Silicone cords are essential products in many industries. The extrusion of silicone beads offers a wide variety of products with different needs and uses.

Silicone bead extrusion is a manufacturing technique in which material is melted and stretched to form a product.

At Juntas VARGORT we are the best manufacturers of silicone cords. Our products are made with the highest quality materials and comply with international safety and quality standards. Our team of experts designs, manufactures and delivers silicone extrusion products that meet the needs of our customers.

Manufacture of cords or compact silicone tires to measure

The manufacture of silicone cords is 60ºshA in translucent color, although we can also produce from 20º to 85º shore A in any basic RAL color to measure, as well as luminescent, fluorescent and metallic colours.

We manufacture silicone cords from Ø1mm to Ø100mm in different roll lengths and we even carry out other measurements and cut pieces from 1m in length.

Applications of silicone shoelaces

The applications of silicone cords are normally in industrial uses such as sealing gaskets for all types of industries, especially those with the manufacture of machinery.

Consult our possibility of producing any silicone welded O-ring made to measure for silicone cord. At VARGORT we can manufacture any diameter (Ø1 to 100mm).

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