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Silicone flat gaskets

Manufacturers of industrial silicone flat gaskets

Specialists in the manufacture of silicone industrial flat gaskets

Industrial flat silicone gaskets are a fundamental part of modern industry. These gaskets precisely seal the edges of the products to prevent the ingress of air or water, thus improving the quality and durability of the products. At Juntas VARGORT we are the best manufacturers of silicone industrial flat gaskets in Spain.

At VARGORT we manufacture silicone industrial flat gaskets and in smaller volume series by water jet cutting and plotter cutting, which allows us to manufacture a unit with a CAD drawing according to customer needs.

Manufacturers of industrial flat gaskets

We are experienced manufacturers of industrial gaskets for any sector and application, we have precision die-cutting and cutting of large-sized flat silicone gaskets that we can achieve by manufacturing them in sections.

At Juntas VARGORT we are committed to providing the best quality products at competitive prices. Our industrial flat silicone gaskets are made of superior quality materials and offer excellent performance. In addition, we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

We also manufacture full or half cut joints and the possibility of supplying the pieces with adhesive on one or both sides..

Characteristics of our silicone

  • Standard colors

    Translucent, white, black, tile red, red and blue

  • Special colors

    Available based on quantity

  • Hardness

    Standard 40º/50º/60º/70ºshA

  • Specials

    On demand

  • Thickness

    0.3mm minimum

DIN gaskets

ASME / ANSI gaskets

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