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NR rubber, Latex and Linatex

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Natural Rubber (NR), Latex and Linatex®

It is a hydrocarbon of great importance that is obtained from latex, produced by several intertropical moraceae and euphorbiaceae, but only Hevea Brasilienses is commercially exploited. It arises as a milky emulsion (known as latex) in the sap of various plants, but it can also be produced synthetically.

Wide range of hardnesses, from 35 to 65 Shore A, the most common being 45ºshA in Beige, Caramel, Black, Red and Gray colours. And certified white for contact with food (FDA).

With excellent mechanical, breaking load, elongation, abrasion and tear properties, low set compression and high resilience, excellent dynamic and rebound properties, good resistance to acids, bases and salts, excellent electrical properties. Its use in contact with oils, greases or hydrocarbons is not advisable.

Natural Rubber (NR) Applications

Mining industries


Aggregate processes

Shot blasting cabins

Hopper protection

Weaving industries

Shooting galleries

Food industry

Scrapers and snow plows

Lips for industrial sweepers/cleaners

We also work with brands like LINATEX® which is a rubber with 95% natural components with a resistance and hardness for cuts, tears and abrasions.

It is a premium quality, wear resistant rubber for applications with wet abrasion or abrasion by rubbing. In the manufacturing process, a minimal mechanical alteration is caused in the molecular structure of the finished rubber, which results in important economic benefits for the user since its durability is exceptional.

Its main features help make it the best product in its category for fine mud applications, with high strength and low modulus of elasticity.

Linatex® Technical Specifications

  • Material: natural rubber
  • Iron Size: 9,25mt x 1,23mt
  • Thicknesses: 1,5 a 30mm
  • Working temperature range: -40°C a +70°C



Linatex® Applications

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