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Profiles with silicone shapes

Manufacturers of extruded silicone profiles

Specialists in manufacturing extruded square silicone profiles, with and without adhesive, hollow, vulcanized and more

Detailed attention plays a vital role in the manufacture of extruded Silicone profiles. Various applications require different tolerance control and specific performance, which is why VARGORT relies on high edge hardness precision, color adjustment when necessary, and the use of the most appropriate compounds when making profiles.

Silicone shaped profiles are obtained from a row that shapes it, and manufactures it in a continuous strip of material, in any geometry and size.

We have dies for the manufacture of standard profiles and we are specialized in the manufacture of customized profiles on request.

Manufacturer of custom silicone profiles

The standard manufacture for silicone profiles is 65º Shore A in a translucent colour, although we can manufacture from 20º to 85º Shore A in any basic color and any custom RAL color starting at 25 kg, as well as in luminescent, fluorescent or metallic colours.

Square, rectangular and U/T/L/D/P/H/C/E silicone profiles

Solid and hollow silicone profiles

Silicone profiles with and without adhesive

Possibility of cutting the silicone profiles in sections

Manufacture of finished part by vulcanized union of the ends of the silicone profile

Manufacture of silicone profile in any color on request

Applications / uses of silicone profiles

The main applications of silicone profiles are sealing gaskets in all types of industries and processes, and although the field of industrial application could be seen as almost infinite, some of its main uses are:

Gaskets for insulating oven doors

Non-toxic gaskets for the food industry

Enclosure gaskets for aluminum profiles

Inflatable joints for autoclaves

Gaskets for dyeing autoclaves for the textile industry

Sealing profiles

Welding profiles in the manufacture of plastic bags

Sealing gaskets in the lighting industry

Beautifying profiles in any industry

Gaskets for nuclear reactors (PVMQ)

Joints and profiles in the railway industry (EN 45545-2 Standard)

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