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Ficha de material


Product composed of select fine granules of natural cork that is agglomerated with binders. It is manufactured in compact cylinders and is subsequently rolled into a continuous sheet. Very good thermal insulation and withstands temperatures of a maximum of 100ºC and medium level pressures.

It is used for the manufacture of industrial joints, manufacture of plugs for the transport of glass. It is also used for expansion joints in interior partition walls, parquet floors, wall cladding, etc.

Widely used for making boards, coasters, building models, crafts, toys and DIY in general.

There are also a variety of applications for the footwear industry and orthopedics.

Cork properties

  • Asbestos-free, graphitized and universal compressed cardboard gaskets
  • Compressed cardboard joints with metal mesh
  • Compressed cardboard joints for radiating
  • Compressed cardboard gaskets for fitting
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