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Food sector

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Food sector

The food industry has high demands on food safety. At VARGORT Boards we distinguish ourselves by our commitment to offer the best technical solutions and we specify the sector with international regulations FDA, KTW, WRAS, NCF, y EC Regulation.

Gaskets for ovens and electrical appliances

The ovens require a silicone gasket for the doors in order to guarantee the sealing of the temperature, and thus prevent heat loss.

The materials used in the oven market are high temperature resistant silicones (THT) +300ºC, as well as Sponge Silicones for Vitroceramics.

In Juntas VARGORT we make joints that guarantee this tightness by manufacturing them to measure for each location specific mounting. These joints can be open or closed frames, and in their pressure-insertable version.

Gaskets for industrial drums

To guarantee the tightness of industrial drums, it is necessary to use o-rings, half round, or asymmetrical. The materials used in the drum market are characterized by their excellent fluid tightness.

The most common being food-grade sponge EPDM and in cases of need for resistance to lubricants and oils Sponge NBR.

At Juntas VARGORT we make gaskets that guarantee sealing against leaks in the drums. And we also guarantee with this gasket the sealing between the lid and the body of the drum thanks to our gasket with high recovery capacity.


  • Gaskets for food processing machinery
  • Food transfer tube
  • Dairy tube
  • Sale tube
  • Breweries
  • Antimicrobial belts
  • Industrial furnace seals
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