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Agricultural sector

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Agricultural sector

In the agricultural market there is a great consumption of EPDM rubber. Used to support vine, olive, fruit, ornamental, forest crops, etc. The anchor rubber bands in the vineyard are used to hold the vine shoot to the trellis.

Anchor rubbers are rubber rings with an anchor-shaped tab that facilitates their fastening when tying or trellising the crop, it is a special rubber that withstands the sun's radiation, preventing it from breaking in the first year.

Membranes for drippers

The self-compensating dripper has a silicone membrane that works under pressure: that is, the membrane closes when the water pressure increases so that the volume of water that comes out does not increase, and thus always remains the same as the desired flow rate.

With this system we can better control the output of the water, and the possibility of making much longer lines while maintaining flow uniformity between the first branch and the last.

An advantage of the membrane is that it serves to get rid of the dirt that clogs the dripper, thanks to the movement of the diaphragm under the effect of pressure.

Self-compensating drippers, in order to regulate the pressure exerted by the water between 0.5 to 4 bar and achieve the desired flow rate (0.5 to 25 L/H), require a long-lasting silicone diaphragm or membrane.

The silicone membrane with special chemical and mechanical properties is responsible for keeping the output flow constant for the pressure range considered. The membrane is resistant to chemicals normally used in agriculture (fertilizers, herbicides, acids...) and supports a minimum value of pH2.


  • Cow mats
  • Milking machines
  • Machine seals and gaskets
  • Food Certified Gaskets for Farm Drinkers
  • Membranes for self-compensating drippers
  • Anchor rubber to fill
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