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Sector ventilación y extracción de humos

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Ventilation and smoke extraction

Gas and smoke evacuation ducts

These gaskets are resistant to the pressure that arises at the time of evacuation of gases, for example, stainless steel chimneys.

In these smoke extraction ducts, such as chimneys, we can find Silicone, Viton and EPDM gaskets, since they are materials that withstand between 120ºC and 200ºC.

Our silicones have the regulations UNE EN 14241-1 T200 W2 K2 LE.

Ventilation ducts

They are resistant to aging to guarantee the tightness and duration of the joints between the tubes, without being affected by changes in temperature.

Counting degree SEALING C AND D, we have the well-known Spiro® gasket with its 3 types of profiles:

The current Spanish standard UNE-EN 12237 classifies ducts into 4 levels of tightness, from level A to D (from lowest to highest).

A class D ventilation duct is 3 times tighter than a class D ventilation duct is 3 times tighter than a class C duct, which in turn is 3 times tighter than a class B duct and so on. that of class C, which in turn is 3 times higher than that of class B and so on.

Circular conduit with plug connection with O-ring: Classification C and D.


  • Atmospheric gas boilers
  • Condensing boilers
  • Wood stoves
  • Industrial furnaces, large establishments
  • Open fireplaces
  • Concentric flue gas system for balanced gas combustion boilers
  • Residential ventilation ducts
  • Conductos de ventilación para aparcamientos
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