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Sector construcción

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Sector construcción

Rubber and silicone seals are the perfect interior and exterior window insulators as they are UV stable and have excellent ozone and weather resistance.

Easily pigmentable, rubber and silicone extrusions can be used as a design feature in construction.

Gaskets for concrete pipes

All our gaskets are manufactured in accordance with the standard EN 681-1: 1996, tipo WC and WA, with the specifications of KTW, ACS and WRAS. Wide range of geometries for water tightness in riser pipes, wells and other concrete pipes.

Joints for diameters from 200 to 3000mm. We ensure tolerances through the ISO 3302-1:2014 standard. Complying with the norm ISO 2230: 2002 regarding storage recommendations.


  • Profiles and frames for windows and doors
  • Modules for walls and curtains: warm edge insulating glass dividers
  • Water spout
  • Technical parts as support
  • Insulated Structural Glazing
  • High temperature gaskets and high voltage insulators
  • Expansion or dilation joint application: to accommodate repetitive movements and maintain a seal
  • Acoustic and fire barriers
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